Mini-Conference Reflection

Mini-Conference Poster

I recently participated in the 2015 Textualities mini-conference and ultimately found that it helped to develop my communication skills. On the day, I gave a presentation entitled ‘Lynch’s Denial: Twin Peaks and Sigmund Freud’s essay ‘The ‘Uncanny’’’ and to do this, I used Pecha Kucha as a presentation tool. This involved presenting twenty slides for twenty seconds each so the overall presentation amounted to six minutes forty seconds and because of such time constraints, I found this presentation style to have enhanced my communication skills. It required me to condense large amounts of content into brief statements and thereby discuss complex ideas in a clear and concise manner. Furthermore, participating in Textualities also improved my visual communication skills. I volunteered to design the poster for the conference and because the purpose of a poster is to advertise an event, I needed to create an eye-catching design that clearly conveyed what the event was about. I eventually decided to draw four images that represented the different areas of study in the School of English; I drew a camera to represent film studies, theatrical masks for drama, a manuscript page for Old and Middle English and a book for fiction and poetry. These images were basic rather than highly detailed because they needed to be instantly recognisable to the spectator and quickly communicate to them the subject matter of the conference. Because the Pecha Kucha presentation and the poster both involved condensing information of some sort, what I ultimately learned from Textualities is that successful communication, whether it is verbal or visual, needs to be straightforward and concise.


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